Saturday, 30 April 2016

To the Sweeties

Morning Folks!

It is a very sad post from me today as I have decided to step down from Sweet Stampin'. 

I think some of the Sweeties may be a little confused given the recent communication difficulties and problems with vanishing posts. As I wave goodbye I'd just like to ask you all to please re-read my opening sentence carefully. I have decided to leave SS by myself. There are many voices in my head at times, but as far as I am aware, no one else has suggested that I go anywhere or tried to shove me off a cliff. I think even I would have noticed … 

I have left simply because after witnessing recent events, but playing no role in them,  I sadly had no wish to stay.

The services of Miss Marple will not be needed.

I am happy in my own little place, but please know that my Welcome mat is outside and there is a doorbell at the top of my blog if you are passing. 
It has been so much fun being with you at SS Towers and something I shall miss greatly. I wish you all (Debbie included) happiness xx


  1. Good morning my lovely.
    Hope you are not too sad, you are staying in Blogland (like me) and that is all that matters, we can visit you and chat whenever we want.
    Thank you for your friendship.
    Debbie X

  2. I just want to cry reading this Jacky. You'll be so missed hunny and I'm deeply saddened by your decision to step down. Wishing you happy crafting adventures. Come and visit us now and then. Hugs, Wends x

  3. Aaaah bless you and you have to do whatever feels right, hoping you will still post a creation or two, Luv Sam x

  4. So sorry to see you go Jacky, I'm utterly confused as I really don't know what happened, don't be a stranger sweetie.

    Gentle hugs and lots of love


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